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Palmetto Expeditions offers for sale and arranges customized and standard Certified Green Guided tours, accommodations, and other related guest services for visitors to Wakulla County and the Big Bend Scenic Byway.


Wakulla Springs State Park (10)

Paddling/Fishing/Scenic Boat Tours (3)

Birding/Wildlife/Nature/Hiking Tours (3)

Historical/Archaeologic/Geological Tours (4)

Educational Tours (3)

Photography/Nature Inspired Hands-on Classes (1)

Equestrian Trail Rides

Equestrian Trail Rides (1)

Marine Life Aquarium Tour (1)

St. Marks, FL (4)

Sopchoppy, FL (3)

Saving Wakulla Springs with Jim Stevenson

Saving Wakulla Springs with Jim Stevenson (1)

Miz MerMulletMaid's MarketPlace (3)

Kayak Mullet Fishing (0)